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The way of cutting sponge by special shaped sponge cutter

Technical Support
2018/05/17 19:34

Now the sponge cutting company will introduce the way of cutting sponge by special shaped sponge cutter.

Special shaped sponge cutter, also known as sponge computer copy cutting machine, is divided into manual device and automatic device. Here we will introduce the way of cutting sponge by our professionally developed and produced CNC special shaped sponge cutter (full automatic). 

Vibration knife machine and circular knife machine basically have the same operation, but their operating principles are different. The following preparation shall be made before cutting. 

Firstly, it is necessary make sure the working table of the equipment and the machine body are clean and free of large sundries. All the items of the machine have been installed in place, and the power supply is in normal connection. Moreover, be sure not let other people get near the part of cutting. 

Secondly, place the prepared sponge onto a suitable position (position that is easy to process; it is most advisable the position is in the middle) of the working table.

Thirdly, turn on the equipment. Access the sponge pattern to be cut in the computer. If the product is newly developed, CAD pattern shall be established once again. A proficient operator can draw a simple special shaped sponge cutter in ten minutes. Based on the processed sponge, the needed pattern as well as the set dimensions, press the sponge to a suitable position for cutting via the remote control. 

Fourthly, after making sure the sound of machine is normal and free of abnormity, cutting can be carried out. 

We hope the above cutting method can be helpful for your preliminary understanding of the way of processing special shaped sponge cutter.