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Exposition on the correct application of special shaped sponge cutter

Company news
2018/05/17 19:33

According to related technical articles, it can be generally found out that when machinery or equipment has been used, danger is latent somewhere. It is the same thing for the use of special shaped sponge cutter. Thus, to avoid such phenomenon, high attention shall be paid during application of this machine.


First of all, before operating the machine, we shall inspect the tightness of the triangular belt and make sure it is neither too tight or too loose. Secondly, it is necessary to check if the triangular belt of the spindle motor often remains tight upon adjustment. If the linear velocity of the slicer is reducing after the belt of the special shaped sponge cutter becomes loose, it will not cut the test specimen, and at the same time will seriously damage the blade and the equipment. Thirdly, at the back of the power supply of our special shaped sponge cutter, it is a must to press the button of the mainframe, and find out if it turns to the direction of arrow. Now the direction of turning must be correct. Otherwise, damage will be caused to the special shaped sponge cutter being used.

Nowadays the special shaped sponge cutter as we frequently used mainly functions to put several pieces of blocky foamed cotton onto the working table before cutting them into slices. The device adopts fully automatic digital control, which means to set numerical value via control cabinet according to the thickness to be cut and the density of foamed cotton. The working table shall rotate automatically, and the rotational speed can be freely adjusted. The cutting angle oriented by the knife belt can be adjusted from 0° to 5° via hand wheel, and the air suction device can be supplemented. In addition, numerical value can be set via control cabinet according to the thickness to be cut and the density of foamed cotton.The working table can carry out reciprocating motion automatically. The cutting angle oriented by the knife belt can be adjusted from 0° to 5°. To prevent the foamed cotton from sliding when cutting thick cotton, impression roller can be supplemented. 

As a professional manufacturer, the special shaped sponge cutter as supplied by our company adopts horizontal blade. Precise revolving table and complex special shape can be finished by simple and reliable horizontal blade and manual turntable. The unprecedented flexibility, accuracy and usability lead to revolutionary new method for foam cutting. The whole cutting process of the slices can be finished by machine, which shows the high level and high efficiency of automation equipment. 

As all the industries are witnessing rapid development in recent years, special shaped sponge cutter has come into wide use. But it has seldom been used in the past. Now we will find out more about sponge cutter and the reason for it to be used in many cutting applications. Users that know little about this equipment can read this passage carefully and we are sure we will not let you down.