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Company profile


Nantong Zhigu CNC Machine Co., Ltd. is a technology-oriented company that specializes in the development, production and export of CNC sponge cutting machines. The CNC vibrating knife sponge cutting equipment and CNC circular knife sponge cutting equipment as produced by our company can bring about dust-free cutting on sponge and are well-known for stable operation system, efficient cutting efficiency and accurate cutting dimension. These devices fundamentally meet customers’ requirements on special-shaped cutting of product, mass production and dimensional accuracy, and have been playing a leading role in the same industry. Moreover, the products have such advantages as high degree of automation, easy to learn and operate, and support of multiple input methods, and thus are comparable to products from abroad.


Since establishment, our company has been playing a leading role in such realms as foam, plastics and rubber cutting. Now our equipment and installation can be applied to many industries of the world, such as auto supplies, packing, building, decoration mattress, and the application of other technical and pharmaceutical industries. All our devices are well-known for their effective working and operation process and high cutting precision. Most of our machines adopt computer numerical control (CNC) to facilitate customers in optimizing the brand-new or the available production engineering by means of the latest software. Our product series also include various operation designs, such as conveyor device (reciprocating type), rotatable lift platform and other complete product series, which are primarily applicable to optimizing the transportation and circulation of products.