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Modes of maintenance of machine tool spindle

Technical Support
2018/05/17 19:35

Manufacturers of CNC sponge cutter indicate the following modes of maintenance of machine tool spindle. 

Here we will talk something about the way of maintenance of spindle. Maintenance of machine tool spindle comes down to reducing the operating temperature of bearing. lubricating oil is a way that has been used frequently. The mode of lubrication includes air-oil lubrication and oil liquid circulating lubrication. Attention shall be paid to the following when using such two methods. 

1. When adopting oil liquid circulating lubrication, it is necessary to make sure there is enough oil in the constant temperature tank with spindle. 

2. Air-oil lubrication is just the opposite to oil liquid circulating lubrication. It only needs to fill 10% of the room of bearing. 

Circulating lubrication has the following advantages. 

After meeting the need of lubrication, it can reduce frictional heating and can absorb part of the heat of the spindle unit. There are also two ways for the lubricating of spindle, namely fog lubrication and injection lubrication.