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SINCE 2014

Professional CNC sponge cutting machine manufacturer

Nantong Zhigu CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological company engaged in the R & D, production and export of CNC sponge cutting machines. The CNC vibration knife sponge cutting equipment and CNC ring knife sponge cutting equipment produced by our company realize sponge dust-free cutting, and are famous for stable operating system, high efficiency cutting efficiency and accurate cutting size, It fundamentally solves customers' requirements for special-shaped cutting, mass production and dimensional accuracy of products, and is in the forefront of the same industry. At the same time, it has the advantages of high automation, simple operation and easy learning, and supports a variety of input methods, which can be compared with products outside the United States.

Since its establishment, Zhi Gu CNC has become the leading position in the foam, plastic and rubber cutting industries. Our equipment and installation can be applied to many different industries in the world, such as automobile supply, packaging, building, upholstery, mattress and other technology industries and pharmaceutical applications. All our equipment is mainly famous for its effective work and operation process and excellent cutting accuracy. Most of our machines are CNC controlled so that customers can use the latest software to optimize new or existing production projects. Our product line also includes a variety of operation designs, such as conveyor belt equipment (reciprocating) and rotatable lifting platform, which are mainly used to optimize the transportation and circulation of products.


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