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How to guarantee the precision of CNC sponge cutter

Company news
2018/05/17 19:32

Now CNC sponge cutter has been developing vigorously and has become a hot-selling product. Do you know the status quo of CNC sponge cutter? It is more than a hot-selling product. Now professionals of Zhigu will introduce the status quo of CNC sponge cutter. 

Status quo of CNC sponge cutter

1. Through development over the past dozens of years, CNC sponge cutter has made significant improvement in cutting energy and numerical control. Energy cutting has developed from the single flame cutting to cutting by multiple energies at present (flame, plasma, laser, high-pressure water jet). 

The control system of CNC sponge cutter has developed from the original simple function, complex programming, complex input mode, and low automation degree to intelligent control method based on figure and network. The driving system has developed from step drive and analog servo drive to single digital servo drive at present. 


2. Characteristics and application of various CNC sponge cutters


1) CNC flame foam cutting machine is capable of cutting carbon steel of high thickness. The cutting cost is on the low side. But it also has such defects as large cutting deformation, low cutting precision, low cutting speed, longer preheating time for cutting, longer aperture time, and difficulty in meeting the need of full-automatic operation. The device is mainly applicable to cutting of carbon steel and plate of high thickness. It will gradually be replaced by plasma cutting when cutting carbon steel plate of medium and low thickness.  


2)Plasma cutting involves a wide range of cutting and can cut all metal plates. It can finish cutting in high speed and high efficiency, and the cutting speed can be over 10m/min. When cutting underwater, plasma can remove the noise, dust, noxious gas, and arc pollution during cutting, thus effectively improving the environment of the working place. Precise plasma cutting enables the cutting quality to be close to the level of laser cutting. Presently, as large-power plasma cutting technology becomes mature, the cutting thickness is more than 100mm, which helps expand the cutting range of plasma cutting machine. 


2) CNC laser cutting machine exhibits high cutting speed and high cutting precision. Laser cutting machine is high in price and high in cutting expense. Therefore, it is only applicable to occasions for cutting thin plates and for high precision. 

CNC high-pressure water jet cutting machine is applicable to cutting of any material, such as metal, nonmetal and composite material. This device is characterized by high cutting precision, environmental-friendly way of cutting and free of thermal deformation. But it also has such defects as low cutting speed, low efficiency and high cutting expense. 


4) Other CNC sponge cutters include CNC pipe cutter, CNC steel cutter and CNC groove cutter. These special devices are mainly applied to the CNC cutting of various special sectional materials.