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imgProgramming software

Programming is specially developed according to machine and is simple and easy to understand. It also has special functions which makes the operation fairly simple. Zhigu upholds the core principles of “easy to learn, understand and operate”. No matter if the operator is proficient in computer or not, he can operate the device with ease only after simple training. Compared with other software, it both saves time and improves the operator’s level. 



1. Simple auxiliary means can help operator to draw standard patterns. 

1.1 Scanner: Draw pattern via scanner; open the mapping software, and draw the model outline via the straight line, arc and so on in the software. Because the scanned figures are not in their actual size, turn the size into actual value by zooming in and out the scale. 

1.2 When the pattern size is on the large side, it is hard to be realized via scanner. It can be finished by means of camera of high pixel.


2. To save the programming time, programming can be conducted to figures of specific rules. 


3. High compatibility: The figures as drawn by other mapping software can be read directly. 

imgProcessing control system

Independent CPU control system is adopted, which is free of external interference. It can carry out drawing during processing, which saves time and raises working efficiency.


1. Optional processing can be carried out during processing. It is unnecessary to carry out overall processing, such as broken sponge and sponge design. 

2. Carry out rotation, mirroring and other processes on the processed figures according to the actual condition. 

3. Th knife belt can be automatically corrected, without manual tool setting.